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24 / Transgender / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Names Sebastian live in Van City. Im interested in meeting and chatting with some new people. :D

I cook at a restaurant called Latitude hoping to one day be a chef and maybe own my own restaurant. I am a shy person at first but that eventually passes,cooking one one of my favourite things and i love cooking for people. I'm into photography,reading,watching movies, going out sometimes much rather stay in and watch a movie or just hangout(im pretty domesticated now a days). I have future plans to travel starting with my home land where I was born Costa Rica. Thats little bit about me give me a shout if you want to chat :)

54 / Male / Gay / Single
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Dutch Valley Gay Men

To live, love and laugh because if one is not laughing and loving then one is not living.

I am pretty easy to get along with until you decide you have to control me then you will lose control and lose me. I am a very fussy eater and I do not like having things forced on me. No means NO!!!

24 / Male / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Gay Personals in Johnson's Mills

Looking to meet people who can think above physical relationship only!

New to Vancouver, would love someone to show me around. I love hiking, drinking, traveling.

45 / Male / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Thetford Mines Free Gay Dating

i am a fun trans guy want to date women. I am 45yrs.

i like to do all kinds of things, you wanna date me

28 / Female / Bi / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Meet Gay Men in Margaree

Gender Retired but Actively Seeking Others Like Me

Favourite Actor: Jim Carrey. Do I need to tell you more

33 / Male / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Gay Singles in Becancour

Looking for Friends, Dates ,FWB.Open to LTR.

I'm a huge film amd music fan, horror is my favorite genre. I'm also very passionate about food and cooking, I cook all the time and do it for a living. Listen to lots of music, though not into top 40. I am funny and like to make people laugh, independent

18 / Transgender / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Highland Hill Gay Singles

Im looking for a long term relationship

I'm friendly so get to know me

29 / Female / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Scoudouc Gay Chat

looking for fun people to hang out with

a genuine, fun loving person

27 / Male / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Haut-Saint-Antoine Gay Guys

Lookin ... ... for some one special?

well i am pretty laid back, love life, and looking for some one to share that with...

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Burnaby, BC
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Gay Dating in Shubenacadie

Looking for the right kind of guy

I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I moved to Vancouver when I was 8. I'm a mix of ethnic backgrounds, but to keep it short I''ll just say that I'm Moroccan & Irish. In my spare time I like to write poetry or sketch something. I plan on becoming a graphic designer and a concept writer.

24 / Female / Gay / Single
Richmond, BC
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Meet Gay Men in Bartletts Mills

live, love, laugh as often......

im quite and easy going girl who loves to enjoy life to the utmost.....spirituality is my whole essence.....dancing is my oxygen, and spending time with my friends is like mini vacations...but then again these are just a few things about me.....if you want to find out more all you have to do is chat me up.... :)

24 / Male / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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North Rustico Gay Chat

I am look For dating or Longterm

ASK later

38 / Male / Bi / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Gay Personals in Sherwood Park

Open, honest, fit and fearless

Love music, wine, eyes and soul...

18 / Female / Gay / Single
Vancouver, BC
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Ottawa Gay Guys

I think Headlines are Silly!

I've been considering changing my previous profile for ages now and just never get around to doing it. Or when I do go to change it, my mind draws a blank as all of the witty repartee I want to have seems to dry up like a 19th century wishing well. And one might not think that the above paragraph has much of anything to do with my "self-summary" but alas, one would be mis-guided. I have all of these wonderful crazy ideas and words floating around in my head all of the time. Just as I sit to express them in any fashion, be it writing, painting, singing, etc. it just hides from me. I don't know what it is about my own words that is seemingly so strange to come out of my head. Maybe its long intros to self-summaries such as these? I suppose I have other facets in which I can report on here. I just moved to the Vancouver area to work on a website that focuses on helping teen girls raise their self-esteem and reach their maximum potential. I find joy in deep thinking and questioning. I try to question as much as possible and come at something from all angles. I research a lot of things that may have some sort of direct interaction with me. Despite all of that, I'm a very trusting and hopeful person; an interesting paradox. I have hope that humanity will one day find a common system of ethics and find peace and make joy, not war. I take people at face value unless I have evidence otherwise. I'm optimistic to the degree where others suggest I'm in denial, which usually isn't the case... I just have that much hope that Karma will even us out in that wonderful ebb of life. I work a lot because I don't have much else to do that is a higher value at the moment (or someone). I am probably addicted to the physical feeling of accomplishment... and coffee as well. I am not a huge ice cream fan and really don't like cheesecake all that much. I wear Care bear pajamas when my Dr. Pepper pajamas are dirty, and vice versa. If I had the money, I would never wear the same pair of socks twice. I hate shopping. I love live bands. I love coffee shops and could spend days in one as long as the chair was comfy and the coffee was yummy. I am a mac girl, converted from Linux, converted from Windows. I use windows for testing websites now and that's about it. If my apartment caught on fire, I WOULD go back for my mac because i love it that much. I am a Willow/Tara fan, and think that Summer Glau is the strawberries in strawberry shortcake. I am always in what I like to call a "Uniform DiSaRrAy." That's what I'm hoping all of the text above ultimately conveys, because its me at my very core.

30 / Male / Gay / Ask Me
Vancouver, BC
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Douglas Harbour Gay Men

hot top looking for anal sex

hot top, athletic body, skilled top, juicy cock

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