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Gay Personals in Indiana

32 / Male / Gay / Single
South Bend, IN
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Saint Francis Gay Men

Hello - I'm Jesse! My boss recently told me that everyone I meet instantly becomes my best friend, and a friend for life, and I though wow what ..

I try not to be negative as I believe there are too many negative people in this world; I am always polite, because it does matter. I call a woman Miss never Mam' because Mame' makes her feel old. I smile all the time, because I am generally happy I live in South Bend, not to far from downtown. I enjoy spending my time downtown and supporting locally owned business because that is what makes this city great. With that being said, I have been single for 6 years, I have dated here and there but never anything serious, I work a lot, some say i am married to my job. It's hard to date someone when I am not around, plus I am really independent, and would really prefer to meet someone who is as well. Well enough about me, let’s hear about you, and if you think you and I would be a good match, and let me know. Thanks!

19 / Female / Gay / Single
Evansville, IN
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Cleveland Free Gay Dating

"We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, an ..

I'm a student at The University of Evansville in Evansville, IN. I want to be a FBI Agent on day. I have a passion for protecting the innocent. I'm an Army Brat. Hooah! I'm from Dallas, GA. I love people. I'm very social and overly involved. I talk through music. It's my primary love and passion. I can give lyrics for almost every moment of everyday of my life. I'm really different. Super unique. And slightly strange, but in the most intriguing way...or at least that's what I would like to believe. And I'm pretty much an opened book. So if you have questions, just ask!

25 / Male / Gay / Single
Rochester, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Singles in Willington

a headline giving the intentions for the profile seems unnecessary, because only the interactions of the individual would mark the relevant 'headline'

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... (I'm scared)

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Richmond, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Hideaway Hls Gay Chat

I am unsure I am a little open in this field. I like women and men so I am not to picky! But please no married men or women!

I am unsure I am a little open in this field. I like women and men so I am not to picky! But please no married men or women!

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Anderson, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Dating in Maywood

They say that a good thing never lasts and that it has to fall. Those are the people that did not amount to much at all.

Hi. My name is Beau. Lafayette, Indiana is the hometown. I like to dance, draw and paint, go to concerts, hang out with friends, and travel about. I dig politics. I believe that direct and pure democracy is the only type of government that can possibly work. I was emancipated when I was sixteen. I'm half white and half red, which makes me pink, right? ;-) I just recently moved to Anderson to live with my mother to help her out until the spring, then I don't know where I'm going...possibly back to Laffy. Despite what my zodiac sign says, I'm actually both an Aries and a Taurus.

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Greenwood, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Meet Gay Men in Castle Gate

how i wish this was me tried to send my pic but it wouldnt download so heres a shocker for you wish i looked like this

i am s older msn but looking for younger guy please no one over 30 pease cant deal with that

50 / Male / Straight / Single
Crown Point, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Personals in Cairo

at this tyme in my life i wish to explore an avenue ive been wanting to explore and persue with a gentleman friend

iam easy going man who would like to find a slim gentleman who also would enjoy man discreet fun and explore the desires two slim nice looking guysso wish to do in privet

24 / Female / Gay / Single
Terre Haute, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Westerly Free Gay Personals

Life is hard, but it's time we all grow up and get real. Lies and being fake will get you nowhere in my world.

I'm a 24 year old lesbian that can't seem to get a break, lol. I love art, cars, movies, horror, macabe, Vampires (No, not the sparkly kind), and books as well as writing. There is truly a myriad of ways that I enjoy expressing myself creatively, but I don't have the drive or money to make them come about at the current moment. I am working, going to school full time and just trying to get back on my feet and be able to breathe again on my own, that's what life is all about. Some may say I'm a "dark" person, but I love the way I am, and NO ONE will change me.

20 / Male / Gay / Single
Speedway, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Morristown Gay Singles

Young laid back guy, whose looking to have some fun. And maybe find some one special out there who knows. :)

Very shy at first but once i get warmed up to you i tend to get annoying, its ok I know this. Very unconfrontational I hate B.S and pointless drama so dont bring it my way. Not a big party animal, but can have fun in other way :).

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Indianapolis, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Fowler Gay Guys

Hi my name is Destiny , I'm 42 ,divorced I love fine wine,football, nascar' love to cook and wild

Hi my name is Destiny , I'm 42 ,divorced I love fine wine,football, nascar' love to cook and wild

18 / Male / Transgender / Single
Fort Wayne, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Harbor Hills Gay Men

IM A VIRGIN AND IM REALLY 15 i dream of cock though its weird my dream still has not came true

waiting for my fantasies to come true

29 / Male / Gay / Single
Indianapolis, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Melder Free Gay Personals

Cute boi searching for a down to earth black earth black boy for a relationship

Im ambitiois ans love to travel ans ports or anything outside

20 / Male / Gay / Single
Avilla, IN
Last Login: Online Today
New Castle Free Gay Dating

Hey im a 20 year old guy that is looking for a good person to setter with.

Im a 20 year old guy. I like doing what ever is fun and i am always up for new things. I love being out doors and just hanging out with my friends.

18 / Female / Gay / Single
Indianapolis, IN
Last Login: Online Today
East Saint Johnsbury Gay Singles

im "de" bitch if u dont lyke me or it then fuck u an move on wit yo lyfe!

I'm lookin for a relationship wit a lesbian gurl who has nice ass an nice size titts

24 / Male / Gay / Single
Fort Wayne, IN
Last Login: Online Today
Stagecoach Gay Chat

life is more universal than death for everyone will die but few will live

I am a fun loving guy. Love to live life in the moment.

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