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Gay Personals in Canada

26 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Bouctouche Gay Men

Looking for Friends & Long Term. searching for your next "hookup," I am not that kind of person.

Here is more about me: This true about me. If you ask me about Threesomes, Hookups, Fuck-Buddie, one night standers or Masturbating, paying for sex or anything as you can forget it. I am Also I am a shy person but once you feel safe with me and get to know me as well I am a open book. I should probably mention I'm not that great at making first moves, so... if you like me, don't hesitate to send me a message. I promise I don't bite (hard). Not one of the 99% of people who are liars, cheaters, alcoholics, drug users and dealers. I also have more pictures and also I have Msn and Facebook to keep in touch as well. Just ask away.

23 / Female / Bi / Single
Calgary, AB
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Singles in Rosevale

Fun loving, down to earth and just ready for that special lady!

Im a pretty laid back chick. I enjoy watching Football and Hockey, hanging out with my friends. Im not much of a club person anymore, but I do enjoy a great night at the pub, and just relaxing. I love to laugh alot and have fun with whatever im doing. Im a city girl born and rasied here in Calgary and besides the cold weather i cant complain. I am very close to my family, they really do mean everything to me. I like to look for the good in people before placing judgements. You cant grow unless you push yourself so i try to do things i have never done before and push myself to be the best person i can be. I love to swim and being outside (when its nice) hiking, the beach and tannimg are a must for me in the summer. If there is anything else you want to know, just let me know!

51 / Male / Gay / Single
Vernon, BC
Last Login: Online Today
Aurora Free Gay Dating

Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with...

I have a nice body, smooth, fit, but could drop a few pounds and get more fit again, I'm very sincere, I am well endowed, no body hari so quite smooth, generally fit, carin and kind, like to help people and like someone to help me too, great sense of humour, quiet type, work takes me away so I do love a nice few days at home doing normal and special things.

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Victoria, BC
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Personals in Levis

Hello, Boys Dr.Jack Is in the His-Ouse! whats going down mang! tell it like it is slick! I would love too bring back the term slick!

well I am African American and Coastal Salish First Nations I have a deep cultural background and love to be with the nature. I quite enjoy traveling and photography! lets not for get the basis swimming and hiking too

joel sciangula
23 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Glenlevit Free Gay Personals

Never make someone a priority , when they only make you an option.

responsible, dependable, stable, fun. laid back, no lisp (voice),masc blah blah blah . Im a good guy.

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Scarborough, ON
Last Login: Online Today
Amqui Gay Chat

Trying to get out there and meet my prince charming

I love my family and friends they are a big part of my life. im looking to add a boyfriend to that circle...i love to be outdoors whether it be biking, walking my dog, hiking or just laying out tanning. i play tennis and im a competetive cheerleader. and im currently in my last year of highschool. im outgoing, fun to be around, i would like tonthink im funny from all the times i make my friends and family laugh and im just here looking for someone who i can share all my love with.

24 / Female / Bi / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Rosehill Gay Guys


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33 / Female / Gay / Single
Ottawa, ON
Last Login: Online Today
Meet Gay Men in Penobsquis

33 year old lesbian venturing into the dating world

I am a 33 year old preschool teacher who loves her job. I've never been in a relationship (either gay or straight) having only recently reconciled my faith and sexuality. I'm a proud nerd, and love debating the merits of various television shows and movies. I'm also an avid reader. I love travelling and have lived and worked in several different countries -- I have a goal of living on every continent (except for Antartica, of course) at some point in my lifetime.

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Maple, ON
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Dating in Cold Lake

Hi, hello, nice to meet you. I don't think we've met yet...

I'm an easygoing guy who's driven to succeed. Driven towards what, I haven’t exactly decided yet. But I’m young, so there’s that. I know I want to, and here comes the cliche, make a difference. Hopefeully it'll be something that makes me happy.

29 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Cumberland Gay Singles

I want a person who comes into my life by accident,

I feel I'm a Genuine , adventurous , romantic , giving guy. I try to always be in the moment and appreciate what life has to offer. Just get one , so making the best of it. I want my old school love , butterflies and that can't get enough feeling.

18 / Male / Bi / Ask Me
Maple Ridge, BC
Last Login: Online Today
Cow Bay Free Gay Dating

Love to give and receive affection but also someone who enjoys music, watching a movie or sharing a sunset

I love music movies art concerts but also quiet times cuddling, making love or just cooking a great meal together, A travel partner to Vegas Hawaii, Mexico or somewhere new would be a bonus

26 / Male / Bi / Single
Aquaforte, NL
Last Login: Online Today
Collingwood Free Gay Personals

If you want to get to know me. send me a message. .

Don't send me religious stuff, I don't push my beliefs in your face so don't do it to me.

lanny brown
18 / Male / Gay / Single
Corunna, ON
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Dating in Redmondville

Hello, my name is Lanny.... and im gunna tell you a story...

i am 18 years old and have alot of different hair colours, currently it is cocain white, i like to have a good time and party my ass off. I love techno and flashy lights, body piercings and tight leather ::)

52 / Male / Gay / Single
Calgary, AB
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Personals in Fairlight

Decent guy seeing who's out there and is not really as boring as this headline. lol...

I'm a pretty decent guy who's happily single, but open to meeting someone I'd like to be in a relationship with. I live in Mission and am pretty urban, but am always game for a day in the mountains.

Angus aka Tiger
69 / Male / Gay / Single
Ottawa, ON
Last Login: Online Today
Lincoln Gay Chat

Ottawatop seeks Bottom boys locally for fun and LTR by winter.....

cum to bed blues,shaved head at present time, friendly, outgoing, BIG flirt, love sex 24/7and not shy to admit with kewl boys, age is a number and does not matter to me. lets chat

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