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Gay Personals in Elmont

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Corona, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Meet Gay Men in Rankin

lookin for a person to respect me give me wat i need someone to chill with someone to talk to and play around with. Someone thatz not gonna lie to ..

lookin for a person to respect me give me wat i need someone to chill with someone to talk to and play around with. Someone thatz not gonna lie to me someone thatz gonna be a really man cause theirs not alot of them out u no. Someone thatz gonna handle his own business on his own and someone thatz gonna want me for me and not just for sex

26 / Male / Gay / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Pittsboro Gay Chat

I would like to meet a guy who’s willing to push aside his bad habits to become a better man for himself. A guy who’s willing to Date and take ..

I'm a cool laid back dude for the most part. I just like to chillin and have fun. I'm not into random Hook ups, so if that's what your looking for then keep searching. I don't like Drama or Disrespectful people. I'm HIV

thomas 1004
29 / Male / Gay / Single
Bronx, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Wanchese Free Gay Personals

I been gay for a long time I went. To a school were to sleep at I at my frist gay. Active. Was a blow job when I was 14 year old I did not like th ..

I like. Movie. That are funny. my faviet movie. Of all time is ghostbuster I kown it kind of bad that that my it but it is annyway I like earrings and I got some nice one. Jam am a. Bitch

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Lynbrook, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Dating in Tower Hill

love to please my special someone over and over before myself and treat them right

love to please my special someone over and over before myself and treat them right

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Ridgewood, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Singles in Tallapoosa

Hey, guys! I'm interested in getting to know nice and outgoing people in the area.

I'm an outgoing, fun and hardworking young man. I like socializing, acting, eating, experimenting new places, and much more!

18 / Female / Bi / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Rawson Free Gay Dating

my aim is Ur0neInAMilli0n hit m ii up ladies looking for something serious

i'm funny sweet loyal easy going anythign else jsut hit me up and find out

18 / Female / Gay / Single
Rego Park, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Lake Barrington Gay Men

It's just your melodie I'm really just looking for new friends you know

I love to write music and just is a constant to better myself

18 / Male / Bi / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Port Lavaca Gay Singles

If you live in Queens hit me up if u don't live in queens idk...

My name is cornell I 19 year old I work 2 jobs just hit me up for information

25 / Male / Gay / Single
Garden City, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Medina Gay Guys

i do silly things with my hiney hole!!!! I'm really silly!!!!


31 / Male / Gay / Single
W Hempstead, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Personals in S San Fran

Looking For My Prince Charming That Live In Long Island

My name is Rick I am a fun guy. I love to make people laugh and meet new people. For fun I like to Read, Go to the movies, Watch a good movie on Tv. I love to spend time with my family and friends they are what makes me complete.

34 / Female / Gay / Single
Bronx, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Fidelity Service Company Free Gay Dating

Humbled Honest and Pure.. Can you give me the same..


26 / Male / Gay / Single
Forest Hills, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Meet Gay Men in Center

Bring me some black, I'll never ever come back :-)

My name is Tom, I'm 26 years old, a successful career man, and I love the simple things in life. I finally asked the suburban life after years in Long Island and Jersey. For the past 4 years I've lived in Queens and I'm loving the NYC scene! I'm fairly active, I enjoy sports like soccer, tennis, and basketball, as well as a good run. I'm a regular kinda guy who likes to sit down drink his beer and watch the game...I'm looking for someone like me but not.

44 / Male / Gay / Single
Jamaica, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Trappist Gay Men

Life is complex so guys lets make use of it now.

Simple yet real

30 / Male / Bi / Single
Flushing, NY
Last Login: Online Today
Newtown Gay Guys

I am strictly into underwear and panty fetish .

I am not a sissy but I love wearing women's underwear speedos thongs and g strings

L a L a *
18 / Female / Bi / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Ball State University Gay Chat

life is a bxtch but i think i fell in love :)

- to start off the qoverments Jacqueline Milagro Garcia Love it ^_^ - 15 years old [ Septermber 14 1993 ] <3 - im always watchinq family quy :) - im straiqht blunted ppls say im mean [ Geo ) but im not im jus straiqht up - of course i live in the bronx - im not the qansterish bxtch out hea but i do qet it poppinq - find me in moshulo or parkchester x] - im the sweetest carinq most lovinq person ever jus dont qet on my bad sideee - if u dislike me & have a promblem like was poppinq ? ;) - im sinqle - yes i been hurt before in the past i miqht be 15 but i know the qame dont spit G i practically heard everythinq u planinq to tell me ^_^ - i love rainy days w| thunder involve ahh makes me wanna happy dancee - im forever & a day sayinq " daddy " dont qet qass if i tell u that xD - im the definition of a real friend jus ask about me ppls will tell u <3 - im not a very funny person but everyone seems to smile wen they stare into my eyes - ppls qive me cute liddo widdo nick names which u qivinq me ? - i dont trust noo one but those who i trust now qot it ? - im like meqah fat omqq i eat everythinq - i am a aim fein but not a myspace fein .. - purple . pink . red & blue make me qo like this -> = DDD - i am me & i dont hold my mouth for no one ; qot a promblem ? wass fxckn qood ma niqquh ?! - chef boyarde & oranqes make me smilee like ahh hehe . - im a ohde i mean ohde qraffiti fein im in love w| qraff its my fxckn addiction son <3 - yes i write ; dont ask wut i write cause i'l shoot u - if i dont know u keep banqin - i think music talks to me >=| - im weirdd .. HONESTLY i'll have u like this -> =o - aim ? yeap ask for it maybeh u'll qet it - [ email me ] ;) - i dont eat candy or drink soda - partyinq & smokinq its not a life style i hate that - i dont bielieve in forever - wouldn't know love if it me up to me & told me " hey im love " - im always color dyinq my hair -___- - i love wearinq liddo short shirts & skinny jeans - i love the smell of a can [ qraffitti wise for ppls who are slow ] - i dont arque w| no one unless im correct - i hate teachers - i hate wearinq jackets but i love wearinq sweaters - i love beinq correct ohmyqod hehe its the best feelinq - i qot a biq family so dont fxck w| me - i love socks , panties & braws <3 - do i type fast ? hell yea i do - im always sleepinq & eatinq

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