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GUTEN NACHT from VIENNA ! MY (first) pic was taken only four months ago ... as friends and I HAD just celebrated (in front of the Albertina .... if you are not familiar with what OR where this is, look it up (Extremely amazing). I am an Austrian guy living in Vienna but coming to California within the next 2-3 months; I've completed Uni with high honors and am able to attend a variety of excellent LAW Schools in the USA (More than a single FINE one in California !!). Convince me to move to your City and you'd have the joy of showing me around! I was raised by my aunt, who is a chiropractor in Vienna (and tught ME everything she knows) = MY point being: If we like each other and live together, you'd never need to leave home = to get well adjusted, ROTFLMAO ... IF you had me in your life, you'd be with a companion who is extremely reliable and dependable; I have an excellent pedigree so to speak (including a Royal house) and so = the more high class a party or event would be ... the more I SHINE there (and make you proud). I feel great in a tux and (so I'm told) look even better. I'm not that guy who likes older men because of money, and that's it, nein! I believe we of different generations have a lot we can teach one another. SHOULD you be very successful in business (Truthful men ONLY, imposters, wannabes or phonies are really easy for me to spot) and WHO in reality ~ live in an upscale, classy location (I'd adore being close to the PCH ... longing to swim, surf, all that 'groovy stuff of Beach Boys legend' ... Double LOL) And realize that by sponsoring me, you would have an educated and sensual, very attractive friend for LIFE : THEN I want to hear from you ... IF however, you are apprehensive or worried when writing, to tell me your actual name and something about the company (or professional office) you have ... then please pass on to the next guy. I feel this way: If you have a lot to HIDE, then maybe you should not be on a web Site such as this (and I certainly don't want to be in any rushed or temp situations which change drastically after I've arrived in California). Write me and we will email; I want you to be kind and understand, not a manipulative sort who insists on instant phone chat (won't take advantage of my aunt's business phone and she pays all the the bills just now) ... unless you know of a better way or wish to provide cell phone. The PIC I posted was taken 1/1/09 ~ as New Year 09 came to Vienna several hours earlier than it arrives in the USA. Friends said (photo taken with a camera phone) that it doesn't do me JUSTICE at all. I'll be a barrister (attorney) in a few years, so you would not have to pay for legal bills either ! Seriously, I am whip smart, sexy and MUCH FUN to be with. Contact me, I'm rather sure I won't be 'seeking' very' long ! My accent is TRUE Austrian (very different from that of Ah-nold, ugh ... mine is HOT). Jan Please = I prefer that no younger men write to ME (Unless you are of the supportive and mentoring station in Life); I'M seeking a high achieving, professional, quite a bit older Sugar Dad; IF we both believe we have a lot in common = after a few emails and pic exchange, then I WILL reveal much more about MY hopes and expectations; I want you to feel comfortable as well as myself.

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Looking for someone fun

Just looking for chill guys, no drama, no hard drugs. A lot of my nights are spent hanging out with my friends and just relaxing

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Looking For Boy Friend

iam khang tran, i live in seaside north california, i came from chicago, iam very friendly happy

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hi im new here

lets make friends

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Hey There

In grad school, not much free time, but would like to meet a guy that wants something more than a hookup.

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Sand City, CA
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I actually wanna meet a friend and get to know the person and work up from a friend to a possibility of a real relationship

brett jones
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Monterey, CA
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