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Gay Personals in Manitoba

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Meet Gay Men in Central Greenwich

I'm a nice person. Very Kind, I'm a vegetarian. I like to dance(ONLY CHOREOGRAPHED). I'm very attracted to Asians : ) especially chubby ones (=

I'm kind of shy but I'm not afraid to do stuff in public. I'm not a 'girly gay' nor am I attracted to them. I like to play sports but I have no friends really since I kinda new to the city.

26 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Gagetown Free Gay Personals

Looking for Friends & Long Term. searching for your next "hookup," I am not that kind of person.

Here is more about me: This true about me. If you ask me about Threesomes, Hookups, Fuck-Buddie, one night standers or Masturbating, paying for sex or anything as you can forget it. I am Also I am a shy person but once you feel safe with me and get to know me as well I am a open book. I should probably mention I'm not that great at making first moves, so... if you like me, don't hesitate to send me a message. I promise I don't bite (hard). Not one of the 99% of people who are liars, cheaters, alcoholics, drug users and dealers. I also have more pictures and also I have Msn and Facebook to keep in touch as well. Just ask away.

joel sciangula
23 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Singles in Lantz

Never make someone a priority , when they only make you an option.

responsible, dependable, stable, fun. laid back, no lisp (voice),masc blah blah blah . Im a good guy.

18 / Male / Gay / Ask Me
St Andrews, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Sugar Camp Gay Chat



29 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Dating in Ingonish Beach

I want a person who comes into my life by accident,

I feel I'm a Genuine , adventurous , romantic , giving guy. I try to always be in the moment and appreciate what life has to offer. Just get one , so making the best of it. I want my old school love , butterflies and that can't get enough feeling.

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Russell, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Enfield Gay Singles

I party like a rockstar.... fuck like a pornstar!

wat about me? well i just found out that im not graduating this year, i have a part-time job working at minimum wage ( $8.50) and i am still single...i wonder why? Oh yeah that's right, its because i live in the country, or probably it's because i don't put myself out there looking like i chase guys all over.... screw that! But what can i do besides sign up to one of these things hoping to find someone like you :D But yeah just so you know... i am a bottom... versatile if wanted, but not really. i like listening to music that can move your hips, get you goin... partyin songs practically! as well as a few rap songs... all the other generes are ok to listen to...

37 / Male / Bi / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Sarnia Gay Men

37mbimale looking for bj giving and recieving

Married one kid

27 / Male / Bi / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Pointe Dixon Point Gay Guys

I don't really know WHAT I'm looking for...

I am 27, 6 feet tall and blonde. I'm abixexual and when it cums to men i am a total bottom. My own is 7 cut and average. I can party 9-5 in Nth St. James ...would really be into a gay orgy

23 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Personals in Oak Point

Looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right-now

I'm into health, nutrition, and exercise (a lot) and am the class clown type, while being able to have serious moments too. My humour is crude, but I'm known to be kind at heart as well. I'm an open book; just ask away! :)

30 / Male / Bi / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Chamcook Free Gay Dating

Ask. Interesting. Fun.discreet. new2it.

Always deliver

37 / Male / Gay / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Portuguese Cove Free Gay Personals

hmm i looking at good life personal

care.good personal,funny man, open mind, love,fun tme, ask me more if you want to

18 / Female / Bi / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Gay Dating in Robinsonville

looking to meet some pretty girls!

Hey, I live in Winnipeg with my parents and brother (hoping to move out sometime) I work part time right now. I have my full license but no car :( I'm outgoing but easy going, I like just goin with the flow, hanging out and doing whatever others wanna do. I enjoy, shopping, movies, cuddling and the like.

33 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
Haut-Shippagan Gay Guys

Looking for a serious relationship

Get to know me, I have a story

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Winnipeg, MB
Last Login: Online Today
St-Hilaire Gay Men

Looking for someone down I earth

Simple bro looking for someone with the same qualities as myself and who wants to hang like bros but more.

32 / Male / Gay / Single
Last Login: Online Today
Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury Gay Chat

i would enjoy if you had a webcam

i girl looking for a great time anda long time relationship

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