Gay Personals in Vista

19 / Male / Gay / Single
Vista, CA
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Gay Personals in Fields Landing

new to this site show me some good times

kool laid back young bored and want to explore new things

18 / Male / Gay / Single
Carlsbad, CA
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Colesville Gay Chat

dancer here looking for friends

my name is james i am a dancer and i live in sd. i love to play sports and work out. im very goal oriented and love to accomplish. i made a list of all the things i want to accomplish in my life and i started with 450 and now im done with about 30 of those things. i love to live life to the fullest because you never know when your time has come, everyday is a gift. i love to cook and tan and just be a guy.

18 / Male / Gay / Single
San Marcos, CA
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Gay Dating in Somerset

I Do Architecture In Helsinki

I have a very outgoing and fun personality mixed in with some feathers and bunny tails and then Bam You got yourself a Gavin. Well besides my amazing coming to be, I am currently a Fashion Design student at Palomar and will continue to be there till I transfur a fashion college in new york. MYSPACE:

38 / Male / Gay / Single
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Fort Pillow Free Gay Personals

Looking For That One Love...

An engineer looking for a mate

22 / Female / Gay / Single
Oceanside, CA
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Washingtn C H Gay Singles

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

I'm not into putting my life on the front page for all to read so if you want to know you've got to ask. I need some fun, loving, exciting people in my life!

18 / Male / Bi / Single
Vista, CA
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Miami Beach Gay Guys

i love to play with.

i am so hot man

23 / Female / Bi / Single
Vista, CA
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Gay Singles in Sherrills Frd

i love what i do

im all about me

22 / Female / Bi / Single
San Marcos, CA
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Buffalo Gay Men

Just looking :)

I'm a fun and outgoing girl just looking for someone to hang with and see where things go!

19 / Female / Bi / Single
San Marcos, CA
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Meet Gay Men in Moravia

music is life

i like to meet new people and i tend to be shy at first but that doesnt last long. i love almost literally all types of music and i love finding new music. poetry is a long time passion of mine. anything else you want to know, just ask :)

18 / Male / Bi / Single
Escondido, CA
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Livingston Free Gay Dating

umm.... hey!

1. im real,i care about ppl no matter what and generally dont give a fuck what most ppl think about me, because i the end it dont matter. i sorta a rocker/hip hopper but dont put a label on it. 2. IM BI(i think)!!!! 3. i just moved here from AZ so yeah unfortunately i have like noone to hangout with at the moment 4. ugh! i cant stand ppl that just wanna get in my pants and nothing else 7. im probably like the only virgin left on earth(eh, im a prude) _______________________ SO im not out at all!!! for one okay so here's da basics. ive just recently started to think of guys as potential dates, but before that i was pretty much straight. i really try not to judge ppl( but we all do, we're human of course!). jeez im super truthful, to the point where it has gotten me in trouble sometimes. if your just lookin for some hookin, your ass can kick rocks. cuz i want a real relationship im straight acting(no, not because i had to ever fit in, its just who i am) um fem guys actually dont make my list as potiential dates at all, i like guys and girls, not guys that act like girls or vice versa. but hey we can always be friends ;) i played Football, soccer, and ran cross country and track in high school as well as marching band and tutoring.

22 / Transgender / Bi / Single
Vista, CA
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Addison Free Gay Personals

hey everyone

cute crossdresser from vista.

23 / Female / Gay / Single
Carlsbad, CA
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Gay Dating in Black Hawk

LTR minded

I am a 28 year old truck driver at the moment. I was kind of forced back into this job once gas prices hit their highs and I couldnt afford to get back and forth to work any longer :( I am currently in the process of applying with border patrol.

36 / Male / Bi / Ask Me
Vista, CA
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Gay Personals in Waltersburg

New to cali

Im a 36 year old bi male that is just now admitting i am bi. I am currently visiting Vista and possibly moving if i like it. Ive never been in a relationship with a man, but want to give it a try.

45 / Male / Straight / Ask Me
San Marcos, CA
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Greenfield Gay Chat

Normal Guy

Down to earth, trustworthy

32 / Female / Gay / Single
Vista, CA
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West Groton Gay Guys


Down to earth, single mother. My son is my everything and first priority. I'm a bartender that loves being in the company of family and good friends.

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